Bernie Sanders Bails Out Elizabeth Warren.

I read a piece recently where the comment was made that right now Elizabeth Warren is one of the most powerful Democrats and that if she were to run for president she would give that up. Right now she is in the position that no Democrat wants to cross her, […] Read more »

When Nuclear Arms Create Instability.

For many years nuclear arms have promoted international security by making conflict between the major powers a thing of the past. Even countries like Pakistan and India who have terrible relations and still formative political institutions have kept relative peace between. With recent actions by Russia however a new page […] Read more »

Fed Policy And Wages.

There is some talk going on about how the Fed should hold off raising interest rates until labor can reap the benefits of the economic growth that has been occurring in the U.S., mainly through increased wages. The latest I have seen was on the NYTimes website. This is a really dangerous point of […] Read more »

The Failure Of Redistribution?!

  President Obama has issued his proposed budget, it includes infrastructure spending funded through a one time tax on corporate profits held overseas. His budget also includes an increase in capital gains taxes and a plan to extend that to inherited wealth. Paul Ryan responded to the second issue by […] Read more »

Inclusive Capitalism.

Post State Of The Union address the NYTimes ran a piece by Thomas B. Edsall in their January 20th edition,  In this piece Mr. Edsall comments upon President Obama’s plans to increase taxes on the wealthy while dropping taxes on lower income people. This form of policy is being referred to […] Read more »

Geo Engineering And Environmentalism.

There has been some dabbling in experiments to counteract climate change through engineering. One of these in 2009 involved putting iron into the ocean to cause a phytoplankton bloom to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Another experiment in 2011 tried seeing how balloons would work as a stratospheric delivery […] Read more »

How Should The Fed’s Money Have Been Spent?

The New York Times has run a piece on a book by Barry Eichengreen entitled Hall Of Mirrors, appearing in the January 10th edition, written by Neil Irwin. In this book Mr. Eichengreen faults policy makers for not seriously enough the economic contraction of 2008, becoming self satisfied in their […] Read more »

The Foolishness Of The Two Year Free College Plan.

President Obama has suggested that we offer everyone two years free of community college. Despite the fact that I view myself as a progressive, one who might normally support such plans, I find myself taking a stand against this. First off it simply supports a bloated and inefficient industry. The […] Read more »

By Default or Design: The Demise of the Postal Service

Guest Post by Mark Jamison, retired Postmaster Webster, N.C. This post originally appeared on Save The Post Office Blog. This is Part 2 of three posts and following Invisible Hands: The Businessman’s Campaign to Dismantle the Post Office. Default It’s an ugly and dangerous word.  It gives the impression that […] Read more »