Can Exceptionalism Be Taught?

We are pushing higher standards as a means of achieving better academic performance in our schools. The reason for this is that we hope to offer up a workforce with competitive skills in the global marketplace and produce innovators who can drive technology and productivity forward for U.S. companies. But is […] Read more »

Consolidate Most Safety Net Programs. A pretty interesting site that offers some worthwhile numbers. According to the site federal and local governments spend about 350 billion dollars a year on various safety net programs, 13 in all which are listed by the site. When one considers the cost of these programs including their administration cost […] Read more »

End Of The Majority Of The Majority In Congress?

I have long written about how the majority of the majority rule which was instituted in congress under Republican control is one of the worst things that had happened in American politics, effectively squashing any chance of bipartisan agreement on legislation. This logjam broke during last years budget negotiations last year when […] Read more »