The Dystopian Myth.

There have been a lot of depictions of dystopian worlds in media lately, certainly a lot in movies, and a fair share in writing also. These depictions by and large make one very glaring and potentially grave mistake however, they usually depict a world in which people have become worse […] Read more »

Racism And Labor Oppression.

I had long felt sadness over the loss of working class neighborhoods, it always seemed the neighborhoods were either gentrified or poor, but that there were no longer any blue collar working class neighborhoods. Then I realized that the reason for this perception is that the true working class neighborhoods […] Read more »

Why We Have A Problem With Government Spending.

In the aftermath of the 2012 election there was a lot of noise about how our democracy was broken, it was broken because it was being steered by the “takers”, that there were more people interested in just getting something for nothing through the government than there were “producers”, people who […] Read more »

Strongarm Nation.

The clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson Missouri over the shooting of a young black man by the police are sadly not about the shooting they are about the protests. All across the country we hear stories of abuses of power by the police. These have not happened in shootings alone, they […] Read more »

A Labor Lesson From The Industrial Revolution.

Listening to the radio the other day I heard a piece about the decades long decline in male employment. This is something that all analysts regardless of their placement on the ideological spectrum recognize, that since at least 1972 male labor participation has been in decline. Now all analysts […] Read more »