The Failure Of Redistribution?!

  President Obama has issued his proposed budget, it includes infrastructure spending funded through a one time tax on corporate profits held overseas. His budget also includes an increase in capital gains taxes and a plan to extend that to inherited wealth. Paul Ryan responded to the second issue by […] Read more »

Inclusive Capitalism.

Post State Of The Union address the NYTimes ran a piece by Thomas B. Edsall in their January 20th edition,  In this piece Mr. Edsall comments upon President Obama’s plans to increase taxes on the wealthy while dropping taxes on lower income people. This form of policy is being referred to […] Read more »

Why We Have A Problem With Government Spending.

In the aftermath of the 2012 election there was a lot of noise about how our democracy was broken, it was broken because it was being steered by the “takers”, that there were more people interested in just getting something for nothing through the government than there were “producers”, people who […] Read more »