Strongarm Nation.

The clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson Missouri over the shooting of a young black man by the police are sadly not about the shooting they are about the protests. All across the country we hear stories of abuses of power by the police. These have not happened in shootings alone, they […] Read more »

Hypocrisy ? ? ?

Update to the Hobby Lobby decision comes as a result of a SCOTUS injunction the day before the 4th of July 2014 The nonprofit Wheaton College filed a petition to keep it from having to a file self-certification document certifying it is a religious organization and should be exempt from […] Read more »

1970s Stagnation

A fellow poster and former CIA Economist, Spencer knows quite a bit more than I do on certain topics. Posted at Angry Bear:   I keep seeing references to the 1970′s stagnation that reflect a consensus belief that real GDP growth in the 1970s was significantly lower in the […] Read more »

The “Cholesterol Con”– Eggs

In the past, I have written about the “cholesterol con” (part 1), the widespread  belief that high levels of “bad  (LDL)  cholesterol” can cause heart attacks. As I have explained (part 2), the myth has generated enormous profits for many commercial interests, including companies that peddle statins. (Please read both […] Read more »

August 22, 1964 "Do you mean to tell me that your position is more important than four hundred thousand black people’s lives? (to Hubert Humphrey)

  Almost 50 years have passed since that time. The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party was abandon by President Johnson, Reuther, and others. They were sold out to seat the white man’s party after Freedom Summer. It was an interesting time the sixties. I remember the west side of Chicago burning […] Read more »

Cantor’s Defeat—What It Does Not Mean

Shocked by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s defeat in last week’s Virginia primary, many in the media have decided that this “earthquake” has re-shaped the political landscape. Immigration reform is dead, they say, and tea party radicals are far stronger than many suspected. Meanwhile, the alarmists warn, political polarization has […] Read more »

The Short Version–Piketty

June’s issue of Atlantic Monthly brings to the reader a series of graphs as presented by Derek Thompson’s “How the Rich Shall Inherit the Earth”. The article gives a pictorial representation of what has taken place since the eighties in skewing income to a small, very small group of individuals […] Read more »

Wages and Compensation

28% of US Labor is expected to hold low-wage jobs in 2020 according to the EPI and is the same percentage as what existed in 2010. While real median hourly wages on average dropped 2.8% for all occupations between 2009 and 2012, lower wage occupations saw a much larger drop […] Read more »