Reads for a Sunday

HT: Buddy McCue, Commenter at Crooks and Liars Bernie Sanders on The Koch Brothers Goals: A partial list. To see the rest, < href=”” target=”_blank”>Crooks and Liars; Bernie Sanders Exposes Koch Brothers’ Goals</a> •We urge the repeal of federal campaign finance laws, and the immediate abolition of the despotic Federal […] Read more »

Obamacare Enrollment Heads for 17 million

Charles Gaba, who has become the “Nate Silver” for Obamacare enrollment numbers; now predicts that by April 15, 17 million Americans will have purchased their own healthcare coverage. His back-of-the-envelope estimate includes “a nice round 8 million”  who buy policies in the government marketplaces. In parentheses, he suggests:  Perhaps a […] Read more »

Student Debt is Challenging the Reason for Getting that Long Sought After College Degree

What has changed for many of the college educated is finding themselves in debt longer than their parents were after college, being penalized for having student debt when going to buy homes, cars, etc., and in the end having less wealth and a lower salary when compared to those without […] Read more »

Obamacare Enrollment Hits 7 Million, Putting Downward Pressure on 2015 Premiums; Word-of-Mouth Spreads the Truth

Maggie Mahar at The Health Beat Blog has been tracking the progress of enrollment in the PPACA. As she initially pointed out, many people did not sign up for Romneycare till almost the end of the allotted signup time.  As the “train wreck” called Obamacare pulls into the station it’s […] Read more »

How A CBS Video About An Obamacare Victim Misled Millions – Part 2 (What the ‘Victim’ Revealed in Our Final Interview)

run75441: This portion of a report by Maggie Mahar at The Health Beat Blog is a masterful piece of investigative reporting doing much of the groundwork which CBS should have performed well before going to broadcast or publication. You can begin to see how much of the news concerning the […] Read more »

Why Are So Many Americans Confused About Obamacare? How a Video Produced by CBS’ Washington Bureau Misled Millions –Part 1

run75441: I have been out and about to Thailand and China again so I have had not had a lot of time to contribute. Just reading the many comments on Robert Waldman and Beverly Mann’s well written articles gives a snapshot of how many people do not understand the PPACA […] Read more »

Sunday Reads

50% of Congress Are Millionaires “The nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics reports at least 268 of the 534 lawmakers were worth an average of $1 million in 2012. These millionaires are the people debating issues like unemployment benefits, food stamps and the minimum wage, which affect people with far fewer […] Read more »

A Self Sufficiency Model. Marcin Jakubowski has been engaged in a project to help identify means toward a certain form of self sufficiency. He believes that by having a set of blueprints to basic tools people can have all the comforts of civilization within their reach. These tools include things like tractors or simple […] Read more »

Sunday Morning Metaphysical Ramble. The above sources offer information about an area of study concerning plant intelligence. This is a highly controversial area of study, there is the feeling on the part of most scientists that in order for an organism to have what may be considered to be intelligence it at […] Read more »